Zipcharge Quick Charger

Why you may need a zipcharge quick charger? With so many devices around these days, making sure they have enough juice to run on is essential wherever we go. The Zipcharge Quick Charger aims to help you out with that, where it comes in the form of a rechargeable power stick that takes a mere 15 minutes of charging to provide your iPod with another 20 hours of audio playback, while you get 10 more hours of talk time.

Now, these are all theoretical figures, so you might want to take it with a pinch of salt. How about a 60 second charge that offers 2 hours of playback on your iPod?

Charging the sleek ZipCharge for a paltry 15 minutes will store enough oomph to give your iPod an extra 20 hours of playtime or your mobile phone an additional 10 hours of talk time. If you’re in a pant-trippingly awful rush, a 60 second charge whooshes in sufficient juice to power an iPod for 2 hours, a mobile phone for 8 hours, 2 Way Radio for 1 hour 20 mins or a camera for 80 photos.

Zipcharge charger

So how does it work? Not being particularly spammy of head, we’re not entirely sure, but it’s got something to do with clever nano physics and cutting edge battery chemistry. But who cares about spoddy tech nonsense? The ZipCharge is set to revolutionise your gidgity gadgety life. And that’s not empty flannel because it’s brought to you by Freeplay, the game-changing boffins behind the world’s first wind-up radio.

Zipcharge quick charger

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