World’s Smallest DC-DC Converter

World’s Smallest DC-DC Converter


Murata Manufacturing Co., Ltd. has successfully developed the world’s smallest micro DC-DC converter.* The line-up has been expanded to include four series; expanded sales have been started. Furthermore, some series are already installed in SmartPhones.

*Refers to LXDC2UR series: 2.5 mm x 2.3 mm (supports up to 0.6 A) ; LXDC3EP series: 3.5 mm x 3.2 mm (supports up to 1.0 A) .

The micro DC-DC converter features ultra-compact size and suppression of EMI noise. We are certain that this converter will greatly contribute to miniaturizing mobile devices while they continue to provide even greater functionality.

  • Achieved a ferrite substrate with an embedded inductor and EMI filter feature by combining areas of engineering for materials, multi-layer processing, and circuit design that we have developed over the years.
  • Achieved the world’s smallest sizes by mounting a power IC and I/O capacitor to a ferrite substrate.(LXDC2UR series; LXDC3EP series)
  • Achieved the shortest wiring by integrating the power IC and inductor.
  • Embedded an EMI suppression filter; reduced harmonic noise.
  • Supports up to a maximum load current of 3.0A (on the LXDC55B series)
  • Supports voltage step-up (on the LXDC44A series)

As electronic devices have increasingly powerful functionality, it has become necessary to supply power individually over each feature circuit. To support needs in the marketplace, we have successfully developed and commercialized for the first time, in October 2010, a micro DC-DC converter. Our success is the result of applying our unique circuit design engineering and multi-layer processing engineering. Marketplace needs include:

  • Reduced component surface mount area;
  • Suppressed EMI noise; and
  • Energy conservation.

Currently, we are providing a line-up that includes a total of four series to start expanding sales. These series include the world’s smallest devices that support even further miniaturization, high-current components that handle up to 3.0A, and voltage step-up types. We will continue to work on developing products that are ultra-compact, and have low EMI noise, to contribute to optimization of power-surrounding circuit designs.


All mobile devices such as SmartPhones and the like.

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