Wiring Harness Connection 1993-1996 Subaru Impreza

Subaru impreza 1993 1996 wiring harness
At the previous post, the wiring diagram of the Impreza was presented. In this article, the wiring harness connection about the vehicle from the same source is discussed. The wiring harness section shows the wiring number, pole, color, area, and where to connect. The component of the car has the illustration of the wiring harness, they are the front wiring harness and ground point, bulkhead wiring harness and ground point in engine room for turbo and non turbo model, engine wiring harness, transmission cord and ground point, bulkhead wiring harness in compartment, instrument panel wiring harness and ground point, and the rear wiring harness and ground point.

For more information about the document, download it from the following (cannell.co.uk) :


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