Wiring Diagrams Of 1964 Mercury V8 Monterey/Montclair/Parklane Part 1

What we will show to you here is the wiring diagrams of the 1964 Mercury V8 Monterey/Montclair/Parklane part 1. To see the part 2 of the wiring diagrams, go at below related post. Inside we will find many parts and components, be sure to have understand all of them before you try any wiring work on your car. The parts are like: instrument lights, speedometer light, horn button, direction signal switch, ammeter, constant voltage regulator, temperature gauge, right rear door switch, courtesy lights, glove box light, clock & clock lights, map light, etc. (click image to enlarge)

Wirings of 1964 mercury v8 monterey montclair parklane part 1

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