Wiring Diagram Of 1963 Dodge 880 And Custom 880

The schematic we are about to talk about is the wiring diagram of the 1963 Dodge 880 and custom 880. Please make sure to have read this quite clear wiring diagram shown here first before making any wiring changes on your Dodge 880 and custom 880, this can save you time and also safer for you to work with. Now let us tell you about the parts you will be dealing with when doing a wiring work on your Dodge vehicle, inside you will see parts like: tail light, backup light, gas gauge tank unit, light switch, windshield wiper switch, auto trans light, rear door switch, license light, speedometer lights, luggage compartment light & switch, etc. You will also find color codes inside, this refer to the cable colors that connects parts. (click image to enlarge)

Wiring of 1963 dodge 880 and custom 880

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