Wiring Diagram For 1963 Ford 6 Fairlane Part 1

Herein we can see this wiring diagram for the 1963 Ford 6 Fairlane part 1. The wiring diagram consist of two different parts, here is where you can see the Wiring Diagram For 1963 Ford 6 Fairlane Part 2. It is important for you to understand about these wiring diagrams before you do your wiring project in your car, so be sure to have download and study them comprehensively first. Here are some components shown in this left part of the wiring diagram: light switch & fuse box, right backup light, gas gauge tank unit, license light, left direction indicator, constant voltage regulator, windshield wiper switch, automatic trans light, oil pressure indicator, etc. (Click image to enlarge)

 Wiring for 1963 ford 6 fairlane part 1

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