Wiring Diagram For 1958 Ford V8 Fairlane, Fairlane 500, 300, And Custom 300

Here you will be shown a schematic, the wiring diagram for the 1958 Ford V8 Fairlane, Fairlane 500, 300, and Custom 300. Inside this schematic we will find many components with their connections, be sure to read and understand all about them first before you decide to do a DIY wiring project. Here we will name some of the components for you, they are including: license light, gas gauge dash unit, instrument rheostat, horn button, oil pressure indicator, generator indicator, courtesy light & switch, overdrive solenoid, overdrive governor, etc. (Click image to enlarge)

 Wiring for 1958 ford v8 fairlane fairlane 500 300 and custom 300

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