Wiring Diagram For 1938 Studebaker President

Herein we’re gonna see the wiring diagram for the 1938 Studebaker President. This wiring diagram contain not only the components and connections, it will also shows the code letter for the wire colors. These codes express what cable connections goes with what color. You will need the wiring system knowledge if you want to do you own wiring work, be sure to study this wiring schematic comprehensively. Here are several components we’ll find inside this 1938 Studebaker President wiring diagram: 6 wire connector, distributor, current voltage regulator, ignition coil, foot dimmer switch, 20 amp fuse, starter push button, ammeter, gas gauge, instrument lamp switch, horn relay, solenoid starting switch, stoplamp switch, light switch, clock lamp, etc. (Click image to enlarge)

 Wiring for 1938 studebaker president

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