Windows Wiring Diagram Of 1958 Ford Lincoln And Continental

Herein we will show you a schematic about the windows wiring diagram of the 1958 Ford Lincoln and Continental. There are many parts connected and wiring connections here, so it will be better if you do some reading and understanding about the windows wiring diagram shown here first before you perform any assembly or troubleshooting work on your Ford Lincoln or Continental vehicle. The parts we’ll be dealing with are like: left rear window motor, back window motor (Continental), 15 amp circuit breaker, left front window motor, left rear window switch, master safety switch, back window (Continental), left vent motor, left front window motor, master (left front) switch, junction block, right front vent switch, right vent motor, right front window switch, right front window motor, and right rear window motor. (click image to enlarge)

Windows wiring of 1958 ford lincoln and continental

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