We should use IRF540N HEXFET Power MOSFET

An IRF540N is HEXFET Power MOSFET that I like to use in many projects. It is very Fast Switching than general transistor.
When I compare it with a transistors that I like to use is a TIP41. It have IC ( collector current) about 2A and VCE( collector-emitter voltage) about 40V only.

The IRF540N is N-channel that same way as shape NPN transistor TO-220 package. But they have Drain current maximum about 27A-33A and Vdss (drain -source voltage) about 100V.

IRF540N N channel HEXFET Symbol

IRF540N N-channel HEXFET Symbol

Pin configuration of irf540

pin configuration of irf540

Another advantage that I like it, works with a voltage. High input impedance therefore very sensitive. So we can be parallel directly, D to D, S to S and G to G. By we do not need to increase current to G.

Thus,If the price of of similar We should use Mosfet better.

Preliminary Technical specification.
– Advanced Process Technology
– Ultra Low On-Resistance
– Dynamic dv/dt Rating
– 175°C Operating Temperature
– Fully Avalanche Rated

I like the use of the brand International Rectifier durability due And for good reason.

More electronic projects using it worked great!

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