VU Meter Circuit with 10 LED

Here is VU meter 10 LED circuit, This simple LED VU meter has only a few parts but it is useful as an indicator for the sound. The circuit is built around an LM3915, the brother of the logarithmic LM3914. The input from the VU meter is put on pin 5 of IC1. Through pin 9 of IC1, the display mode sets (bar or dot nomination). In the drawn state IC1 works in the dot mode (point). When pin 9 is coupled to pin 3, the IC works in bar mode (beam). Obviously the whole circuit consumes less power in dot mode. Here is a schematic drawing:

VU Meter Circuit with 10 LED

part of list:
R1 = 1 kO

C1 = 2,2 µF

D2-D11 = LED

IC1 = LM3915 of LM3916

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