Volvo 960 1994 Instrument Cluster Wiring Diagram and Ambient Temperature Guide Wiring Diagram

Volvo 960 1994 wiring s
The wiring diagram available for Volvo 960 1994are the Volvo 960 Instrument Cluster Wiring Diagram and Volvo 960 Ambient Temperature Guide Wiring Diagram. The Instrument Cluster Wiring Diagram equipped with indicators such as the SRS warning indicator, seat belt indicator, engine coolant indicator, abs indicator, parking brake indicator, brake warning indicator, high beam indicator, oil pressure warning indicator, charging indicator, bulb malfunctioning indicator, rear foglight indicator, wagner fluid level indicator, service indicator, trailer indicator, malfunction indicator, left turn indicator, and the right turn indicator. The Ambient Temperature Gauge Wiring Diagram shows the connections between ambient temperature gauge, the fuse block, interior lights system, and the ambient temperature sensor.

This document also gives information about the instrument panels of Volvo 960 1994. The information available are the 1994 Accessory/Safety equipment. All 960 models are equipped with an analog gauge instrument cluster which is either a Yazaki or VDO type. The speedometer is centrally located with a tachometer and clock installed on either side. Smaller gauges for coolant temperature and fuel are at opposite sides of instrument cluster. If equipped, a turbo pressure gauge is incorporated within tachometer. A warning/telltale light bar at bottom of cluster panel displays additional information.

The other infomatrion available inside this document are how to perform the fuel gauge test, the step by step guide of performing fuel gauge unit sending test, temperature gauge test, temperature sending unit test, wiper switch test. Removal and installation on instrument cluster also explained here.

Download Volvo 960 1994 Wiring Diagrams

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