Voltage Converter from 1.5V to 3V

DC DC converter 15 To 3V schematic
A simple scheme to generate the inverter voltage from 1.5V to 3V can be made ​​on the basis of slightly modified the well-known multivibrator. Under these denominations in the scheme of the frequency converter is approximately 130 kHz. Inductance value can be calculated or chosen experimentally. But you can simply adjust the frequency of the converter to produce maximum output voltage. Schottky diode VD1 can be replaced by any other similar characteristics.

For further stabilization of the output voltage can be applied to the zener voltage of 3V – 3.3V. This scheme can be used to power a LED or low power devices based on the microcontroller, for example, MSP430.

Parts list :
R1,R3 : 1K
R2 : 2K2
C1 : 470pF
C2 : 100uF/3,3V
C3 : 1000uF
L1 : 470uH
VD1 : 15MQ040
VT1, VT2 : BC547

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