Video Amplifier Circuit based IC LM359

Video Amplifier Circuit based LM359N

This is the simple and easy to build video amplifier circuit based IC LM359. The LM359 is a Dual, high speed, programmable and Current Mode (Norton) amplifier chip which can be used for general purpose video amplifiers.

Parts List

C1=10nF 100V
C2-6=100uF 25V
C3=100nF 100V
C4=1pF ceramic
C5=10nF 100V
C6=100uF 25V
J1-2=BNC connector

Video amplifier frequency response:
Video Amplifier Circuit based LM359N response frequency

About LM359:
The LM359 consists of two electric current differencing (Norton) input amplifiers. Design emphasis has been installed on acquiring high frequency functionality and giving user programmable amplifier operating characteristics. Each amplifier is broadbanded to deliver a high gain bandwidth product, fast slew rate and stable operation for an inverting closed loop gain of 10 or bigger. Pins for extra external frequency compensation are available. The amplifiers are intended to work from a single supply and can accommodate input common-mode voltages higher than the voltage supply.

LM359 Applications:

  • General purpose video amplifiers
  • Photo-diode amplifiers
  • High frequency, high Q active filters
  • Wide frequency range waveform generation circuits
  • All LM3900 AC applications work to much higher frequencies

Circuit references:

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