Very simple preamplifiers using 2N3904

Schematic of very simple preamplifiers using 2n3904

Hi, Friends.
Today I get email from Kunal Banerjee, send a preamplifier projects to published for all to see.
It is very simple preamplifier circuit using one 2N3904 transistor only. Though very small, but it still have many useful.

He say it low noise than normal IC circuits. and extremely low distortion. Frequency response: 20 Hz to 20 kHz.
It is high gain but low power output and invert signal output.

In circuit diagram or schematic which is set circuit in common emitter

Schematic of very simple preamplifiers using 2n3904

In electronics a common emitter amplifier is used as a voltage amplifier.
In this circuit the base terminal of the transistor serves as the input, the collector is the output, and the emitter is common.

We can use this circuit for increase lower signal to higher before send to normal amplifier which low gain but high power.

How to builds
Also He send me the PCB SILK as components layout see below.

And the PCB layout.

and parts list.
1uf 25v Electrolytic X 1
0.1uf 25v cermic or mylar X 1

10K 0.25w X 2
100K 0.25w X 1

2N3904 NPN transistor X 1

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