Very simple 50 watt inverter using MJ2955

Today I need to use AC lamp and Soldering iron at outdoor which no 220V AC electrical current.

My friend borrow the 150 watt inverter of me, which I used it in car. It does works so well. So I not have any inverter. Therefore I need to build new inverter.

Main idea of circuits.

In this case I not need high power and long time uses. Because I use the power of 40 watts for just a brief moment (30 minutes approximately).

Then, I look for all parts in my store, have many MJ2955 power transistors.

Thus I choose a circuit diagram as Figure 1 it is very easy. It two MJ2955,68 ohms resistors; quantity: 2, and A transformer only. You see really it is possible.

Very simple 50 watt inverter using MJ2955

It is set in an astable multivibrator form. Same this inverter but it use PNP transistor and high power than one.

My friend that is guru about power electrical tell me, This circuit stye will not have capacitors but it can generate frequency. The transformer secondary works as load that can transform electrical to high voltage in this case is 220V but not sure is 50Hz.

However, the frequency output not need to use with load.

Let’s build this circuit.

This circuit is very simple but tiny size. I assemble them on heatsink and connects all wires as Figure in video below.


As video I use 12V battery 2.5Ah size as source, secondly I measure output AC voltage is 225-volts. Next I apply a lamps to the circuit. The voltage lower to 190-volts and can keep up power.

Application of simple 50 watts inverter using mj2955

Figure 2 Application this projects.

The parts you need
Q1,Q2____MJ2955 or TIP2955 PNP power transistors_____= 2 Pcs.
R1,R2____68 ohms 2watts to 5 watts resistors___________ = 2 pcs.
T1_______12V CT 12V / 220V or 110V
*if you want 20 watt use 1A or 30W output for 2A sequence.
Heatsink,12V battery, etc.

Also You may use the projects below it look great.

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