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USB avr programmer

The USB AVR Programmer is an extremely compact, low-cost, in-system programmer (ISP) for Atmel’s AVR microcontrollers. This makes the programmer an attractive solution for AVR-based controllers such as the Orangutan robot controllers. The programmer connects to your computer’s USB port and communicates with your programming software (e.g., AVR Studio or avrdude) through a virtual COM port using the AVRISPV2/STK500 protocol. The programmer includes a TTL-level serial port (on a separate COM port) so you can seamlessly switch between programming an AVR and debugging it through the TTL serial port. The programmer also features a twochannel, severely limited oscilloscope (SLO-scope) for monitoring signals and voltage levels. The SLO-scope Client for Windows makes it easy to see what your circuit is doing in real time. The USB AVR Programmer costs $19.95. (source :