Universal plug for turn on-off soldering iron.

A soldering iron is an important tool of electronic professionals. Normally we always to plug it forever. Even when not in use, so ready to use any time. Because of its low power consumption is only 20 watts.

But when the youngest daughter was 2 years old and very naughty. Might be, hold the end of A soldering iron is too much heat. May cause very harm. I had to unplug it in-out always. Therefore, it is not easy, If used several times per a day.

I think creating the universal AC-plug that can be open – closed to use the soldering iron with a power switch that needs to be smaller to convenience.

I look for all the devices are in a storage room. They includes common components. AC plug wire, power switch, small box,Input power socket

All parts is used

They are old parts but so well because I can save money.

Then I drilled mounting holes that switch on the small box and drill a hole for the AC wires in-out.
Drill holes successfully switch

I select the AC power socket as Figure because cheap and easy to use.
Use this socket

Next, assemble all parts to the box.
Assemble all parts into the box

And Glued at wire and switch.

Finally install it to use with the soldering iron as Figure below.
Install it near that power outlet

Install it near that power outlet.

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