Unipolar to Bipolar DC Converter 30V to ±15V

30V to ±15V DC Converter
Maximum input voltage for this circuit is 30 volts . Thus, the output, we get ±15 Volts. current load – 1A .

The principle of the converter similar to a compensation voltage. DA1 exemplary chip compares the voltage to the noninverting input with resistor divider R1-R3 with the voltage coming to the inverting input from the output device. According to the corrected output signal, which regulates unlocking / locking of the output transistors. The maximum voltage is limited only by the supply voltage operational amplifier. A current output – set output transistors. Such is the useful thing.

Parts list :

C1 100µF/25V
C2 100µF/25V
R1 510Ω
R3 510Ω
R2 1KΩ
R5 200Ω
R4 10KΩ
T1 KT815
T2 KT816
DA1 K140UD7

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