Tutorial on IBIS-AMI Model Quality

Tutorial on IBIS-AMI Model Quality

Tutorial on IBIS AMI Model Quality

Santa Clara, CA – January 30, 2012 – Signal Integrity Software, Inc. (SiSoft™) will present a tutorial entitled “IBIS-AMI Models – How to Tell a Peach from a Lemon” at DesignCon 2012 today. The tutorial will cover basic concepts behind IBIS-AMI models, real-world examples of IBIS – AMI model problems and how to use a publicly available test bench.

“We’re working to raise awareness of IBIS-AMI model quality – what to look for and what to demand,” noted SiSoft’s Dr. Michael Steinberger, who will be presenting the tutorial. “We’ve seen a number of cases where models produced reasonable-looking results that were substantially incorrect. For many of our customers, a board fab-out is a $100,000 proposition; it’s critical to make sure that simulations done beforehand are as accurate as possible. Many model problems are difficult to detect without a rigorous model testing process, and some models will only produce correct results under specific conditions. Given the time and expense associated with a prototype build, users can’t afford to base decisions on simulations that incorporate poor models.”

“SiSoft has extended its model development services to include model validation services,” noted Doug Burns, vice-president of SiSoft’s Consulting Services. “Our systems customers use IBIS- AMI models from a wide variety of suppliers, and many don’t have the time and resources needed to perform model validation themselves. We’ve responded to demand from our customers and their suppliers to provide validation services that make sure IBIS-AMI models are as accurate as possible.”

SiSoft provides IBIS- AMI model development and validation services in addition to tools and training enabling semiconductor vendors to develop IBIS- AMI models internally. SiSoft also provides sample IBIS-AMI models and a simulation test bench via its web site. Visit http://www.sisoft.com/elearning/ibis-ami.html to learn more.

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