Touch Sensitive Light Dimmer

With IC SLB0586A from
Siemens you can build a simple touch light dimmer circuit that will
allow you to adjust the lamp intensity. Together with a TIC206D triac,
it enables smooth regulation of light intensity from a bulb of 10W –
400W. A coil of 100µH/5A is required to suppress switching noise.

The voltage supply is obtained through R2, C2, D1 and C3 and is
about 5.3V below the network potential. The touch sensor that is used to
drive the IC is connected at pin 5 through two 4.7MΩ resistors, R5 and
R6, in order to ensure user security.

In the adjustable touch lamp schematic we can see three selection
connection , for selecting one of three modes of the IC. When the B
connection is used, the light will always be ON at the last level that
we used. With A or C connection the light will be ON at the minimum
intensity. With B or C, the purpose of regulation is reversed with each

Schematic of the adjustable light with touch sensor

When the sensor is touched for a short period of time (50 – 400 ms), the lamp will be ON or OFF.
If the sensor is touched for a longer period of time it will start the
regulation process. Warning! This touch light dimmer circuit has some
points where lethal 220V is present, please do not try this project if
you are not qualified.

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