TLE4241GM LED Driver Pin Configuration Diagram

TLE4241GM LED Driver Pin Configuration : TLE 4241 GM Pinout Schematic

Previously post about TLE4241GM Datasheet, the herein schematic illustrates TLE4241GM pin configuration diagram.
As also said in the previously post above the main features of this
device are adjustable output current, the high/low current switch and
the provided PWM input; this will give this LED Driver can be used in many applications of LED.

And here are TLE4241GM LED Driver Pin Configuration Diagram:
1. GND = Ground, which is internally connected to pin 5.
2. ST = Status Output, open collector output to external pull
up resistor (10k or higher).
3. PWM = Pulse Width Modulation Input, just connect it to VI if not being used.
4. SET = High/Low Current Input, choice of current level.

5. GND = Ground, internally connected to pin 1.
6. REF = Reference Input, connect to GND via an external resistor to
adjust the output current.
7. Q = Output.
8. I = Input, block to GND directly at the IC with a 100 nF ceramic

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