Three Phase Solid State Relay

This three phase solid state relay project kit is intended for a system of three phase solid state relay. It integrates three solo phase units where each & every phase is managed independently with the help of a power triac with RC snubber set-up for zero voltage controlling. Opto-isolators are brought into play for each & every phase to obtain controlling signals from a micro-controller which is of 8051 family.

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Solid State Relay Project Block Diagram

Three Phase Solid State Relay Block

Loads are coupled in sequence with a cluster of triacs being impelled by the opto-isolator. The micro-controller which is from 8051 family is intended to produce output pulses following zero voltage pulse to make sure that the load is getting turned ON at zero cross of the delivered waveform. The zero crossing characteristic of the TRIAC impeller, (an opto-isolator) make certain low sound production, as a result evading unexpected in-rush of current on defying and inductive loads.

Three Phase Solid State Relay Project Kit

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Now in this project we are bringing into play two push keys for producing output pulses from the micro-controller of 8051 family haphazardly, not overlapping with zero voltage supply to the voltage of the waveform. Making use of a DSO or a CRO we can observe the waveform of the voltage delivered to the load for making sure the controlling of the load at the zero voltage spot.

Additionally the three phase solid state relay project can be improved by making use of a 2 one after the other SCRs, in each & every phase for intense load controlling as employed in large industries. Surplus load and short circuit safety can also be integrated for elevated dependability.

you can read more info and buy this project here

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