The Road to 200 Ampere VRM

Over the past few years DC-DC converters for the PC market have experienced a major push for higher currents at lower voltages and much tighter DC and transient specifications. By all indications, the core voltage is pushing steadily toward 1 Volt at a current in the neighborhood of 200 Amps for servers and high-end applications. This clearly puts enormous pressures on the power supply engineers to design more efficient and cost competitive converters that can meet these requirements while not overloading a cooling system that has to grow to accommodate the same high demands placed on the converter. We were very intrigued by this challenge and decided to explore the possibility of designing such a DC-DC converter today using today’s components and observing all the recent advancements in the understanding of the different loss mechanisms in a high frequency, high current switch mode power supply applications. We were able to design a voltage regulator module, VRM that can deliver 1 volt at 200 Amperes. This paper describes this VRM in some details. –Article Quote

Another content discussed inside the application note including the abstract, introduction, the design, MOSFET package selection, PCB design, heatsink selection and mounting, High side MOSFET, Low side MOSFET, gate driver selection, efficiency measurements, lesson learned, and conclusions.

The Road to 200 Ampere VRM circuit
Source :  Alan Elbanhawy (Faichild Semiconductor)

Find more details about the Road to 200 Ampere VRM  from the Fairchild Semiconductor by downloading the pdf document from the following source:

The Road to 200 Ampere VRM Application Note DOWNLOAD

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