The most DC to DC converter step up voltage by LT1073

Suppose, you want to use the 5Vdc power supply levels up to 100mA, But there is only one single AA 1.5V battery. This working we need to use The DC to DC converter step up voltage. but will choose which is better circuit well, to create simple and small. I try to was looking on the internet, we should be use the IC packages best, because small and easy to build.

I am interested in the number of IC LT1073, It is the micropower DC-DC Converter Adjustable and Fixed 5V, 12V, They has the shape as DIP 8 pin and Prodution by:, can be get the input voltage minimum 1V and peak voltage to 30V, the high power output current is about 1A. You would not have as clear picture, let’s see a better examples.

In this circuit, we use 1.5V battery increase the voltage is 5VDC or 12VDC or a normally DC to DC converters. This ICs can be used of 3 model, the two model first is a fixed 5V and 12V, are also use in a modified a voltage too , By the adjustments how a voltage divider with two resistors, of the output,of the 8-pin terminals and connected to compare the internal pressure in the circuit. For the maintain the output a voltage to a stable maximum. The 1N5818 as diode used with high frequency or schottky type only.

15v to 5v low noise step up converter

Example the first figure is 1.5Vdc to 5Vdc Low noise step up converter circuit,

We will not use a plain diode, Such as NO. 1N4002. The coil L1 we use size of a 82 uH, The capacitor C1 – 100uF should be use the tantalum type better than the electrolytic, Because of good performance and reduce noise, In the circuit has a low ripple voltage is 20mV-p

5v 12v step up converter circuit

The figure circuit second is the 5V to 12Vdc step-up Converter circuit.

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Normally the your circuit have the power supply size of 5V in the digital circuits, but need to use a voltage size of 12Vdc. This circuit can help you certainly, they small and easy to make. We use the IC NO. LT1073-12 is as the heart of this circuit. They are constant voltage source as 12 volt at 130mA output, although input voltage will be given a few volts.

3v to 12v step up dc converter by ic lt1073 12

Which is similar to the circuit 3 : The 3Vdc to 12Vdc step up DC converter by IC LT1073-12,

When we have a battery of two cell 1.5V AA batteries or 3 voltage input source, but want size of voltage 12VDC. This circuit can be done, but when we use the battery voltage size of 2 V will be has a current is about 35mA only, That’s something we accept, In some work we use low power interface, such as : an op-amp circuits, digital CMOS circuits and others.

In addition to I have the boost up DC volt, more 3 circuits, with the same circuit is a little device, information about the device. You can see it in circuit below.

3v to 5v step up converter with undervoltage lockout

1.The 3V to 5V step up converter with under voltage lockout Circuit. 100mA output current at lockout 1.8V

5v to 15v step up converter with ic lt1073

2. The 5V to 15V step up converter-with IC LT1073.

3v to 15v step up dc converter by lt1073

3. The 3V to 15V step up DC converter by LT1073. to get the output 15V at 27mA and if you enter battery 2 volt.

I hope you enjoy using a variety of circuit number LT1073.

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