The Graphene Supercapacitor Revolution!

You wouldn’t believe what they have discovered while making some experiments with the graphene – a Nobel-prize winning supermaterial. They were trying to produce high-quality sheets of graphene using a regular DVD-Burner and they succeeded, but the real surprise came when a researcher in Richard Kaner‘s lab wired a small square of their high quality carbon sheets up to a LED and it lit!

The graphene “supercapacitor” was charged only for 3 seconds but the LED run for over 5 minutes! I think this is very important and the world will soon change and the well-known batteries will soon be changed for good with these type of graphene supercapacitors which have a high energy storage and charges and discharges 1200 times faster than a battery.

A video presentation where they explain how this happened.

Imagine the future where we will charge our devices in seconds, where electric cars will be everywhere and you can charge their batteries in minutes, even faster! Not to mention that the graphene supercapacitor is ecological.

Abstract from the researchers note:

Here we demonstrate a scalable fabrication of graphene micro-supercapacitors over large areas by direct laser writing on graphite oxide films using a standard LightScribe DVD burner. More than 100 micro-supercapacitors can be produced on a single disc in 30 min or less… These micro-supercapacitors demonstrate a power density of ~200 W cm−3, which is among the highest values achieved for any supercapacitor.

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