The Application of Conductivity-Modulated Field-Effect Transistor

The development of conductivity-modulated field-effect transistors, FETs, makes available to the system designer another solid-state device that can be used to implement power switching control. This paper reviews differences between the standard and the newly developed FET. It shows the significant advantages that the conductivitymodulated FET has over the standard FET. Several applications are presented to show that this new type of device works well in practical situations. The relative immaturity of the conductivity-modulated FET may limit its initial utilization. But as the family grows and product innovation and refinement takes place, this newest member of the power semiconductor family will become a viable alternative to the other members. –Article Quote

Another topics discussed inside the application note including the summary, general considerations, automotive ignition applications, brushless DC motors application, switching power supply application, conclusion, and many more.

Source :  (Faichild Semiconductor)

Ignition system circuit schematic

Ignition system circuit schematic diagram

Find more details about the conductivity modulated FET from the Fairchild Semiconductor by downloading the pdf document from the following source:

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