The Apollo Guidance Computer

Most of us remember clearly where they were and what they were doing on days marked by world-changing events. Virtually all remember what they were doing on 9-11 (if old enough). My mom remembered what she was doing on VJ day when the Japanese surrendered. I clearly remember what I was doing when JFK was assasinated in 1963: trying to convince my tech school roommate that this was no joke.

However, the most memorable event in my experience was the Apollo 11 lunar landing in 1969 –I was in my dated car ( ‘55 Oldsmobile –very fast with V8 engine) traveling to Boston, Massachusetts to hear Richard Wurmbrand speak at Tremont Temple Baptist Church. (Richard Wurmbrand was an outspoken Romanian pastor that suffered great persecution and spent some 14years in prison for his Christian witness.)

Remembering that the Apollo 11 mission was scheduled to touch down, I switched on the car radio (vacuum tube with vibrator based B+ inverter) just in time to witness the final 3 seconds of the descent and landing –incredible memory!

Now, this event DID NOT HAPPEN BY ITSELF! The Apollo Guidance Computer (AGC) was a key player and this Wikipedia article is a GREAT READ! For the entire article go this link:

Apollo Guidance Computer

Today, this can all be done with one inexpensive chip…

This is a MUST READ for all engineering students!

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