variable power supply

1-15V DC Digital Power Supply with 15 Steps

This is a simple digital power supply circuit diagram to obtain variable DC voltage from 1.25V to 15.19V in reasonably small steps. The steps of up and down voltage can be down by press the up and down switch, and it use LED indicator to show the level of the output voltage. You can use […]

Adjustable Voltage Regulator

Adjustable/Variable Voltage Regulator using LM 117 Description This is the circuit diagram of a 1.2 V to 25 Volts adjustable voltage regulator using IC LM 117 IC.The LM117 series of adjustable 3-terminal positive voltage regulators are able to provide in excess of 0.5A over a 1.2V to 37V output range. They are very easy to […]

Variable Power Supply 0-30V / 2 mA-3A

This is a variable power supply which adjustable voltage and current output. Voltage output: 0 – 30V Current output: 2 mA – 3A. Component parts list: R1 = 2,2K Ohm 1W R2 = 82 Ohm R3 = 220 Ohm R4 = 4,7K Ohm R5, R6, R13, R20, R21 = 10K Ohm R7 = 0,47 Ohm […]

Bench Variable Power Supply 0V-100V, 2A

Here the bench variable power supply with voltage output range of 0-100V, output current 2A. The power supplies with low voltage and moderate current can be found in the most of engineering labs also available on the most of electronic stores, but the higher voltage supplies capable of several amperes of output current are difficult […]

Simple Variable Power Supply 1.5 – 30V, 5A

The power supply is based on two chips and in addition they contain only a few discrete components. In this regard, it is easy to manufacture and configuration. At the same time, the power supply provides a high level indicators, such as the smooth adjustment of the voltage in the large range, low coefficient of […]

1.5-25V Power supply with preregulator

This circuit using KR142EN12 (analog – LM317 ) ic regulator that can handle load currents up to 2 amperes. For higher currents can be used IC LT1083/84/85 that each can handle currents 7/5/3A. 2000uF capacitor C3 is selected from the calculation of the current 1 Ampere. Resistor R9 is used as a current sensor to […]

Simple Variable Power Supply using L4960

Modern circuit design and chip manufacturers make life easier for the designer’s great-for example, when creating a power source. We demonstrate this on a chip factory L4960. The documentation on it is possible to produce regulated power supply with an output voltage of 5.1 V. .. 40 V, with load current 2.5 A, built-in protection […]