Working of Speakers

We have always shown keen interest in buying the best electronic stuffs like CD’s, tapes and also computers. No one has bothered much to know about the quality of the speakers that bring the ultimate output. Even if any high end amplifier and other devices are used, it will all become a waste if the […]

Working of Fingerprint Scanner

USB fingerprint scanner For the past few years fingerprint scanners were considered to be a very costly and high end technology. We have seen it only in thriller and sci-fi movies. But now, these devices have been popping up in almost all places like offices, police stations and also our laptops. You also get to […]

Working of Electronic Ink (E-ink) Technology

“] Electronic Ink [E-ink We have seen the working of electronic displays like Liquid Crystal Displays, SED TV’s, and Touch screen technology and so on. Even though we rely mostly on monitors nowadays we must not forget the fact that the basic display mechanism is paper the early 105 AD when the Chinese invented it. […]

Working of 3-D TV

3-D TV Technology 3-D Technology Television has been one of the biggest entertainments since its invention. From its evolution in black and white format, the television technology has later developed to bring colour visuals in CRT displays and later LCD, LED and also Plasma. Nowadays we can get TV’s that is almost 61-inches wide and […]

Voltage ratings of an SCR

SCR Voltage Ratings (i) Breakover Voltage. The minimum forward voltage, when the gate is open, at which SCR starts conducting heavily (that is turned-on) is called the breakover voltage. To specify this value, the gate is in the open-circuit condition and the junction temperature is at its maximum permitted value, although VFB0 is still a […]

V-FET or Power Mosfets

Power Mosfet-N-channel Power MOSFETs are usually constructed in V-configuration, as shown in figure. That is why, the device is sometimes called the V-MOSFET or V-FET. V-shaped cut penetrates from the device surface almost to the N+ substrate through N+, P and N~ layers, as seen from figure. The N+ layers are heavily doped, low resistive […]

Types of Thyristors

Thyristor Family-Types of Thyristors Diac Circuit Symbol Thyristor Circuit Symbol Triac Symbol Ujt Symbol The P-N-P-N devices with zero, one or two gates constitute the basic thyristor. But today the thyristor family includes other similar multilayer devices also. The complete list of thyristor family members include diac (bidirectional diode thyristor), triac (bidirectional triode thyristor), SCR […]


Most of the electronic circuits used in Circuitstoday.com have different applications of the transformer. Therefore, it is important to know the working principle, construction and types of transformers used in different analog circuits. Transformer – Working Principle A transformer can be defined as a static device which helps in the transformation of electric power in […]

Touch Screen Technology – Working

  Touch Screen Technology Nowadays, there are a lot of touch screen monitors available in the market. They are made available in displays for computers, personal digital assistants, mobile phones and video games. A touch screen contains a visual display area which can be sensitive to the touch of our finger or other passive components. […]

Thyristor vs Transistor

Comparison of Thyristor and Transistor As already mentioned, transistors and thyristors are both semiconductor devices. They are now widely employed in switching operations because of their numerous advantages such as noiseless operation owing to absence of moving parts, very high switching speed (say 109 operations per second), high efficiency, low maintenance, small size, little weight […]