touch controlled

Musical Touch Bell

Here is a musical call bell that can be operated by just bridging the gap between the touchplates with one’s fingertips. Thus there is no need for a mechanical ‘on’/‘off’ switch because the touch-plates act as a switch. Other features include low cost and low power consumption. The bell can work on 1.5V or 3V, […]

Circuit Project: 12V Touch Switch Exciter

This circuit is designed to generate a 20KHz pseudo sine wave signal that can power about 50 remote touch activated switch circuits. It can support a cable length of about 2500 feet. A typical remote switch circuit is also shown as well as a receiver circuit for those switches. Circuit diagram Source: DiscoverCircuits

Touch-Select Audio Source

Often you need to connect output from more than one source (preamplifier) such as tape recorder/player and CD (compact disc) player to audio power amplifier. This needs disconnecting/connecting wires when you want to change the source, which is quite cumbersome and irritating. Here is a circuit that helps you choose between two stereo sources by […]

Touch Sensitive Light Dimmer

With IC SLB0586A from Siemens you can build a simple touch light dimmer circuit that will allow you to adjust the lamp intensity. Together with a TIC206D triac, it enables smooth regulation of light intensity from a bulb of 10W – 400W. A coil of 100µH/5A is required to suppress switching noise. The voltage supply […]

555 Touch Switch Circuit

This circuit uses a 555 timer as the bases of the touch switch. You can learn more about 555 timers in the Learning section on my site. When the plate is touched the 555 timer is triggered and the output on pin 3 goes high turning on the LED and the buzzer for a certain […]