Switched Power Supply

Small DC-DC Inverter: Convert 1.5 to 9 volts

This is a 1.5 to 9 volts inverter schematic circuit. This is low cost and a simple circuit that need few components.This circuit is used in many application that requires 9 volts power supply. using this circuit we can replace the expensive 9v batteries. This circuit can convert 1.5V to 9V. This circuit can be […]

Versatile Boost Converter with TPS6108x

There are two types of highly integrated boost converters, the TPS61081 and  TPS61080.  Both of them require low input voltage of 2.5V and the output is adjustable up to 27 V. The TPS61080′s current limit rating of the integrated power switches is 0.5 A and 1.3 A for TPS61081. Here is the circuit : It […]

TPS108x Versatile Boost Converter

This is Versatile Boost Converter circuit using TPS108x. The TPS1081 has chosen because it is suitable for application that requires up to 20 V and 100 mA to drive each column of a passive-matrix OLED (PMOLED). the TPS61080 is suitable for application that requires less than 10 V and only tens of milliamps per column […]

ADP1821 Step Down DC-to-DC Converter

This is a ADP1821 Step Down DC-to-DC Converter circuit. This circuit uses ADP1821 that is synchronous pulse-width-modulated (PWM), step-down controller, inexpensive and versatile. It can drive all N-channel power stage to regulate an output voltage as low as 0.6 V. The output voltages that can be provided by this circuit is from 0.6 V to […]

Transformerless Voltage Booster Circuit: A DC-DC Step-Up Switching Regulator Using Transistors

A DC-to-DC step-up converter is traditionally implemented using transformer, working by converting the DC voltage to AC Voltage, step-up it using transformer, then rectify and filter the transformer’s output to  get a higher DC voltage. Using a switching method, we can step-up a voltage without a transformer. We just need an inductor which is driven […]

Adjustable 1.5A Step Down 1.5 MHz Switching Regulator

Usually, when an high heating of the application environment is occurred due to the power dissipation, we use high current linear solution to solve that problem. But, we can solve that problem using Adjustable 1.5A Step Down 1.5 MHz Switching Regulator circuit. This circuit use ST1S03 step down DC-DC converter. The ST1S03 can also used […]

RS232 Line Driver Power Supply

This is a RS232 Line Driver Power Supply circuit. This circuit can gives an output of ± 12V at ± 40 mA and only requires an input voltage as low as 4.2V. The efficiency of this circuit is  better than 70%. This circuit provides a line regulation of ± 0.08% and a load regulation of […]

Variable Power Supply Using Switching Regulator

If you are a hobbyist or a professional electronic engineer who make many electronic experiment, troubleshooting, or testing, providing wide range variable voltage power supply in your lab or workshop will make your life easier. You can build your variable power supply using linear adjustable regulator, but switching technology let you design a very wide […]