Loudspeaker Protector Monitors Current

This circuit uses a 0.1O 1W resistor connected in series with the output of a power amplifier. When the amplifier is delivering 100W into an 😯 load, the resistor will be dissipating 1.25W. The resulting temperature rise is sensed by a thermistor which is thermally bonded to the resistor. The thermistor is connected in series […]

Pan Pot

A pan pot enables a mono-phonic input signal to be positioned where desired between the stereo loudspeakers. When P1 (see diagram) is in the center position, there is no attenuation or amplification between the input and output. When the control is turned away from the center position, the signal in one channel will be amplified […]

Hacks and Mods: Making High Quality iPod – iPhone Speakers

This high quality and low cost speaker was designed to be used for iPod or iPhone with the use of old car Hi-Fi speaker and some computer components. Other materials used are shown in the image below and they include an amplifier, 240V-12V power supply, tweeters, crossovers, sealed lead acid battery, MDF, filler, Apple universal […]

Speaker-Headphone Switch For Computers

If you need to use a headset with your PC, then you will know how frustrating it is continuously swapping over speaker and microphone cables. This is even worse if the PC is parked in a dark corner and the hard-to-read writing on the sound card sockets is covered in dust. This simple switch box […]

2002 Ford Focus ZXW Fuse Box Diagram

2002 Ford Focus ZXW Fuse Box Diagram 2002 Ford Focus ZXW Fuse Box Map Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: interior lighting, daytime running lamp, module comunication network, anti theft active, vehicle speed control, heating and ventilation, anti lock control, engine cooling charging n caontrol, starting system, engine ignition, electronic engine control, audio unit, speakers, exterior […]

TDA2052 Active Audio System

This active audio audio system use three TDA2052 chips and 5 speakers ( one woofer, two tweeters and two midranges ). For this TDA2052 active audio system we need dual 20 volts power supply and five volts supply for the stand by function.To the input of the every audio IC chip is placed an audio […]