Schematic Diagram

ZIF Connector and Socket

ZIF connector is an electrical hardware, a kind of connector or socket for integrated circuit (IC). ZIF stands for Zero Insertion Force, corresponding to its special design that make its insertion with very little or minimal force. ZIF connector could be found commonly in laptops and CPUs which function is to connect and attach various […]

Heater On Off Temperature Control using Bimetallic Switch

Heater On Off Temperature Control using Bimetallic Switch. This device utilize a bimetallic switch to control heater temperature. The bimetallic switch consists of two different metals with different coefficients of expansion fixed together in a strip. These metals will expand or contract at different rates when heated or cooled. The bimetallic strip is used to […]

2010 Honda TRX420FA Complete Wiring Harness Diagram

2010 Honda TRX420FA Complete Wiring Harness Diagram. Below schematic illustrates the 2010 Honda TRX420FA (ATV) Complete Wiring Diagram. 1. Ignition Coil 2. Cap Assembly 3. Regulator, Rectifier 4. Diode, three way 5. Wire Harness 6. Sub-Harness, RR 7. Connector 8. Cap, Dummy 9. Sensor, Bank Angle 10. Collar 11. Grommet 12. Cover set, fuse 13. […]

Yamaha Vino 125S Wiring Diagram

The following electrical system schematic shows the Yamaha Vino 125S Wiring Diagram. The electrical system consists of battery, CDI unit, carburetor heater, sidestand switch, horn, rectifier/regulator, ignition coil, rear brake light switch, starter relay, etc. 1 Main switch 2 C.D.I. magneto 3 Rectifier/Regulator 4 Battery 5 Main fuse 6 Battery (+) lead 7 Battery (-) […]

Honda CB750 SOHC Engine Diagram

The following schematic shows the Honda CB750 SOHC Engine Diagram. 1. Camshaft 2. Camchain 3. Camchain tensioner 4. Crankshaft 5. Primary chain 6. Primary driven sprocket 7. Clutch 8. Kick starter spindle 9. Final driven shaft 10. Mainshaft 11. Countershaft 12. AC generator

2007 Kawasaki KLX250S Ignition System Parts Diagram

The Kawasaki KLX250S is powered by a compact, liquid-cooled, four-stroke, single-cylinder engine displacing 249cc. A throttle position sensor (TPS) helps the 34mm semi-flat slide Keihin CVK carburetor deliver the optimum amount of fuel for all riding conditions. Here is a typical schematic of the 2007 Kawasaki KLX250S Ignition System Parts and Components Diagram. 21119    Igniter […]

2005 Honda Goldwing GL1800 Cooling Fan Schematic Diagram

The following schematic diagram shows 2005 Honda Goldwing GL1800 Cooling Fan system which consists of: 1. Nut Set2. Air Guide, Right Radiator3. Fan, Cooling4. Air Guide, Left Radiator5. Motor Assembly, Right Fan6. Motor Assembly, Left Fan 7. Rubber, Radiator Setting8. Bolt, Flange9. Bolt, Tool Box10. Nut, Serrate11. Clip, Panel Fixing12. Bolt Washer