Multi-Position Mains Switch

The circuit shown here was born out of necessity after one of our colleagues had just renovated his kitchen and realized afterwards that there were not enough switches. Obviously he was not too keen to partially demolish the kitchen to install a few additional wires in the already tiled wall. That’s how the idea arose […]

Mains Remote Switch

This compact design forms a remotely operated switch that receives its control signal via the mains voltage. The switch is operated using the ‘mains remote transmitter’ described elsewhere in this issue. With this transmitter, a switch should be connected between pins 1 and 2 of K1. Depending on the application, this must be either a […]

SMPSU With A Relay

Switched mode power supply units (SMPSUs) are popular but difficult to build oneself as well problematic when it comes to understanding their design principles. Building your own SMPSU typically requires a lot of expertise, hard to find components and time. The circuit shown here is educational only and devised to demonstrate the principle of the […]

Run/Stop Relay Circuit

Safety is a major concern in a good many motor-driven applications. This is true in industrial applications where motion starts when power is applied and especially true when power is restored after an outage. In such cases, unwanted or unexpected motion is a risk to life or limb. The most simple solution to this problem […]

Driving Relay with 555 IC

This is a Driving Relay circuit using 555 IC. The circuit is used to drive a relay to avoid 555 hangs up, it uses an inductive feedback. The coil is prevented to drive Pin 3 below a negative 0.6V by a clamp diode that across the coil. However, in some case, this negative voltage maybe […]

Relay Driver with Strobe

LM111 comparator can be used o design a relay driver with TTL strobe, this can be used to provide more control of your relay driver. You can control the strobe input using a microcontroller or other  digital signal. Here is the schematic diagram of the relay driver: [Source: National Semiconductor Application Note]

2006 Aprilia Tuono Mini Fuse Box Diagram

2006 Aprilia Tuono Mini Fuse Box Diagram 2006 Aprilia Tuono Mini Fuse Box Map Fuse Panel Layout Diagram Parts: ignition switch, Turn indicators, high beam, low beam, oxygen sensor, fan relay, coils, injectors, Key operated positive to ECU, Speed sensor, camshaft position sensor, Light relay, stop, horn, parking lights, instrument panel, air flaps, , fuel pump, […]