relay driver circuit

Time delay for relay using CD4011

This circuit can be used to time delay for the load, To be connected to the relay output to run after a specified time. Which during this time. Can be adjusted by changing the R1 and / or C1. The current of circuit is limited by type of relay that use. Figure 1 Time delay […]

Cheap touch switch using transistor

This cheap touch switch circuit is the touch switch is updated from the original version. Which use IC to control the operation cause difficut for the electronics beginner. So this circuit is thought to are suitable because uses TR purely. When was broken also a simple repair. and More cost-effective equipment. But The application is […]

Drive relay by digital circuit

Use an output pulse from a digital circuit to controls transistor ON and drive the relay as switch ON-OFF to any circuits or external devices. The Controlling electronic circuits, Electrical devices in homes or factories. We often use the relay It is a first, though very ancient, relay still have many uses. A general Relay […]

Plant soil moisture meter and automatic controller circuit

I like planting trees, because trees are more useful to us. However, I always have problems with moisture content of soil,Each plant needs water is not as same. Watering or soil moisture is not good. May cause damage to our trees. With these problems, I think the electronic system to solve this problem. For example, […]

Boost up voltage for relay by BC558

Using relay general the majority then to use power supply that have DC Voltage with the value volt that specify on relay. For relay work but , if , we have no power supply that want to feed give relay. This circuit helps to give relay can work. From the circuit uses two power supply […]