Wire Tracer (Receiver)

The circuit depicted is the receiver device of a transmitter/receiver combination that will prove extremely handy when tracing the path of electrical wiring in a building or to locate a break in a wire. The corresponding transmitter may be found elsewhere in this website. The transmitter produces a distinctive tone which alternates between 2100 Hz […]

MC3335P 80m SSB Receiver

Using the MC3335P low power narrow band FM receiver can be designed a very simple 80m SSB receiver electronic project circuit using few electronic parts. The MC3335P low power narrow band FM receiver includes dual FM conversion with Oscillators, Mixers, Quadrature Discriminator, and Meter Drive/Carrier Detect Circuitry. The electronic project is very simple , requiring […]

IR–S/PDIF Receiver

This simple circuit proves to achieve surprisingly good results when used with the IR–S/PDIF transmitter described elsewhere in this site. The IR receiver consists of nothing more than a photodiode, a FET and three inverter gates used as amplifier. The FET is used as an input amplifier and filter, due to its low parasitic capacitance. […]

RF Transmit/Receive Front End Module

RF Transmit/Receive Front End Module RFMD’s new RF6504 is a Front End Module (FEM) for 433MHz to 470MHz AMI/AMR systems. The Tx port provides a PA with nominal output power of 30dBm and gain of 15dB. The Rx passthrough port is on a separate path. Both are combined with a single antenna port and SP2T […]

DTMF Receiver IC MT8870 Tester

Today, most telephone equipment use a DTMF receiver IC. One common DTMF receiver IC is the Motorola MT8870 that is widely used in electronic communications circuits. The MT8870 is an 18-pin IC. It is used in telephones and a variety of other applications. When a proper output is not obtained in projects using this IC, […]

Circuit Keeps Wandering Children and Pets Nearby

The receiver circuit in Figure 1 sounds an audio alarm when the transmitter (Figure 2) moves beyond a designated perimeter. The transmitter, a voltage-controlled oscillator, operates at approximately 915 MHz in the unlicensed ISM (industrial/scientific/medical) band. It has a tuning voltage of 1.5V=3×R2/(R1+R2), which lets you easily adjust the frequency by varying the values of […]

Simple AM Radio Receiver

This circuit is essentially an amplified crystal set. The inductor could be a standard AM radio ferrite rod antenna while the tuning capacitor is a variable plastic dielectric gang, intended for small AM radios. The aerial tuned circuit feeds diode D1 which functions as the detector. A germanium type is far preferable to a silicon […]

Circuit Project: AM Receiver

Description: This is a compact three transistor, regenerative receiver with fixed feedback. It is similar in principle to the ZN414 radio IC which is now no longer available. The design is simple and sensitivity and selectivity of the receiver are good. Circuit diagram Notes: All general purpose transistors should work in this circuit, I used […]

Circuit Project: Simple Lightning Detector

Here is a VLF receiver tuned to 300 kHz designed to detect the crackle of approaching lightning. A bright lamp flashes in sychrony with the lightning bolts indicating the proximity and intensity of the storm. Figure 1 shows the simple receiver which consists of a tuned amplifier driving a modified flasher circuit. The flasher is […]

DRM Direct Mixer Using an EF95/6AK5

This hybrid DRM receiver with a single valve and a single transistor features good large-signal stability. The EP95 (US equivalent: 6AK5) acts as a mixer, with the oscillator signal being injected via the screen grid. The crystal oscillator is built around a single transistor. The entire circuit operates from a 6-V supply. The receiver achieves […]