Mains Pulser

The pulser is intended to switch the mains voltage on and off at intervals between just under a second and up to 10 minutes. This is useful, for instance, when a mains-operated equipment is to be tested for long periods, or for periodic switching of machinery. Transformer Tr1, the bridge rectifier , and regulator IC1 […]

Ultrasound Transmit Pulser

Ultrasound Transmit Pulser The LM96551 is an eight-channel monolithic high-voltage, high-speed pulse generator for multi-channel medical ultrasound applications. It is well-suited for use with National’s LM965XX series chipset which offers a complete medical ultrasound solution targeted towards low-power, portable systems. The LM96551 contains eight high-voltage pulsers with integrated diodes generating ±50V bipolar pulses with peak […]

Fine Control Super Bright LED Pulser

Four timing controls – 12V supply, Suitable for Halloween or Christmas props This circuit, designed on request for a Halloween prop, allows fine control of a pulsing Super Bright white LED. The four potentiometers or trimmers will set precisely: on, off, ramp up and ramp down time-delays respectively. Ramp up and ramp down time-delays can […]