proximity sensor

Proximity Switch

This circuit is for an unusually sensitive and stable proximity alarm which may be built at very low cost. If the negative terminal is grounded, it will detect the presence of a hand at more than 200mm. If it is not grounded, this range is reduced to about one-third. The Proximity Switch emits a loud, […]

Infrared Proximity Detector Alarm

This circuit can be built from readily available low-cost components, some of which may even be hiding in your junkbox! The indicated value of 22 Ω for resistor R1 causes an average current of about 65 mA through infrared emitter D1. Because the IRED is pulsed at a duty factor of about 50% through the […]

Infra-Red Proximity Detector

The detector is intended for the recognition of obstructions at distances of a few millimeters to a few centimeters. Similar detectors are used in the industry and health services, for instance, to open a water tap via a magnetic valve. The sensor, IC2, is a Type SFH900 optoisolator from Siemens or similar. A phase-locked loop […]

Proximity Infrared Detector

This is the simple circuit of proximity infrared detector, proximity sensor based  infrared. The applications of this circuit are the most varied. From placing it in the front door to prevent people stop in front of this circuit, or even placing it in the back and front of the car to warn other drivers when […]