Low noise tape head preamplifier

This is a low noise tape head preamplifier that good sound quality. Because use LM387N that is the low noise ICs and is designed for the specific preamplifier. Figure 1 is Circuit diagram of this project. Maximum the output at 1 volts which is is high enough to drive easily the high power amplifier. The […]

Very simple preamplifiers using 2N3904

Hi, Friends. Today I get email from Kunal Banerjee, send a preamplifier projects to published for all to see. It is very simple preamplifier circuit using one 2N3904 transistor only. Though very small, but it still have many useful. He say it low noise than normal IC circuits. and extremely low distortion. Frequency response: 20 […]

Simple preamplifier circuits by transistors

If we want good quality sound system,the first thing to consider is that a good pre-amp. Some people say that’s not necessary. But when the low-level audio source. We may need to adjust the sound too high will cause distortion. so should have the preamplifier to amplify a signal up before to the our power […]

Micro mixer circuit by TA7137

If you are looking for a micro mixer circuit that create a simple, affordable, small and compact, and be usable versatile, must be this circuit. We can use to mix up to four input channels such as the microphone signal, FM Tuner, AUX and Other signals, As circuit shown in Figure 1. How it works. […]

Guitar Preamp – over drive using 12AU7

This is a guitar booster for those with a love for music. act as preamplifier or over drive signal acts soft voice before to the power amplifier or headphones. Highlight is a very clear sound without noise. Because we use 12AU7 vacuum tubes is the main equipment, which is better than any other preamp circuit. […]