Peak Detector

Averager and Peak Hold/Extender Signal Conditioner

A signal averager circuit can be formed by an amplifier and active signal rectifier, which is implemented using two operational amplifiers in this circuit. The first op-amp is configured as inverting amplifier and the second forms an active half-wave rectifier. The half cycle signal is then filtered by an RC (resistor-capacitor) filter to get the […]

Positive and Negative Peak Detector Circuit Using CA3130 Op-Amp

Implementing peak-detector circuits is very easy with the CA3130, as shown in schematic diagram of this circuit. The figure below shows the schematic diagram of the peak detector circuit. The upper section is peak-positive and the lower section is peak-negative circuit. Please note that with large-signal inputs, the bandwidth of the peak-negative circuit is much […]

Simple vu meter schematic

Expensive stereo is general often have VU meter come to and for help show max power the stereo not too much. For radio tape general plaything has will no VU Meter. I then think to seek Multi meter use can replace. By use Range 100uA and electronics equipment the other again. It have be Potentiometer […]

Amplitude Average Detector

This circuit is similar to peak detector, but the the output won’t immediatelly follow the input peaking. Because the output follow the input peak slowly,  averaging effect will be seen at the output. In the figure below you can see the circuit’s schematic diagram. Use 1% resistor for R1, R2, R3, and R4, and you […]

Precision Half-Wave Peak Detector

A simple half-wave peak detector using a single transistor is very compact and low cost, but if the application require precise detection for signal under 100mV then that circuit become useless. Here you can use more precise half-wave peak detector circuit using only a single op-amp with few passive components. Look at the circuit’s schematic […]

Single Transistor Half-Wave Peak Detector Circuit

Using only a single transistor and few passive components, you can build a fairly sensitive peak detector. circuit This peak detector circuit is suitable for audio application, since the average sum of positive and negative cycle of audio signal has equal value. You can find a peak signal although you only detect the peak of […]

Fast Peak Detector

Fast peak detector requires special amplifier features. The output stage must have high slew rate to keep up with the intermediate stages of the amplifier. This condition causes either a long overload or DC accuracy errors. The amplifier must deliver large currents into the capacitive load of the detector to maintain a high slew rate […]

Open Loop Fast Peak Detector

A fast peak detector similar but faster than previous peak detector, can be implemented using open loop configuration. Here is the schematic diagram of the circuit: In this  design, D1 is the detector diode and D2 is a level shifting or compensating diode. A load resistor RL is connected to – 5V and an identical […]

Fast Pulse Detector

The circuit below is a schematic diagram of a fast pulse detector. At 100 ns  or wider pulse width, the detection should be error free. At 60 ns pulse width,  the detection error should be under 10%. This circuit should be used to detect at least 100 ns wide pulse to ensure an error free […]