Using LM317 with Overvoltage Protection

The circuit diagram shows the over voltage protection as a feature of LM317 linear voltage regulator. Over voltages come from several source or factors which are usually in the form of transients. Transients are represented in spikes which are short and fast disturbance or change in the voltage and current component. It only occurs in […]

Logic PSU With Over-Voltage Protection

A simple 5 Volt regulated PSU featuring overvoltage protection. The 5 volt regulated power supply for TTL and 74LS series integrated circuits, has to be very precise and tolerant of voltage transients. These IC’s are easily damaged by short voltage spikes. A fuse will blow when its current rating is exceeded, but requires several hundred […]

Overvoltage Protection

When a sensitive circuit must under no circumstances have too high a supply voltage applied, then some means of disconnecting the supply must be provided. One way to achieve this is to trigger a thyristor to blow a fuse. A less destructive alternative possibility is to use a MOSFET to disconnect the supply. An over-voltage […]

Battery Overvoltage Protection IC

Battery Overvoltage Protection IC The bq2946xy family of products is a secondary level voltage monitor and protector for Li-Ion battery pack systems. The cell is monitored for over voltage condition and triggers an internal counter once the OVP threshold is exceeded and after a fixed set delay the out is transitioned to a high level. […]

Protect Car Electronic Modules Using RBO Circuit Protection Device

RBO40 is one of reversed battery and overvoltage (RBO) protection device which has been developed to protect sensitive semiconductors in car electronic modules. The following circuit diagrams the basic application of the RBO circuit in preventing overvoltages generated by the module from affecting the car supply network. In the RBO circuitry, this monolithic multi-function protection […]

Overvoltage Protection Controller

Overvoltage Protection Controller Linear Technology Corporation introduces the LT4363, an overvoltage protection controller that provides overvoltage and overcurrent protection to high-availability electronic systems. Supply voltages surge whenever currents flowing through long inductive power buses change abruptly. Also, automotive batteries experience a condition known as load-dump, where the voltage can stay elevated for many milliseconds. Traditional […]