low Voltage

Low-Voltage Cutout For 12V SLA Batteries

This simple circuit protects an SLA battery from over-discharge by disconnecting the load when the terminal voltage drops below a preset level. In operation, a sample of the battery voltage is derived from the 22kΩ resistor and 20kΩ trimpot divider. This is applied to the non-inverting input (pin 3) of IC1, where it is compared […]

Low-Voltage Motor Drivers

Low-Voltage Motor Drivers Texas Instruments Incorporated expanded its growing portfolio of highly integrated DRV8x motor drivers with three new low-voltage devices for brushed DC and stepper motors. The DRV8834, DRV8835 and DRV8836 motor drivers provide a wide, low-voltage operating range, low RDS and ultra-low sleep currents, slashing power consumption as much as 80 percent compared […]

Low-Voltage Remote Mains Switch

This circuit allows a 240V mains appliance to be controlled remotely via low-voltage cabling and a pushbutton switch. The mains appliance (in this case, a light bulb) is switched with a suitably-rated relay. All of the electronics is housed in an ABS box located in proximity to the appliance. The pushbutton switch and plugpack are […]

Low Voltage Power Supply

This is a power supply circuit that produce voltage 12 to 24 V.  It is very simple, doesn’t need regulator just bridge rectifier, filter capacitor and transformer. A bridge rectifier makes use of four diodes in a bridge arrangement to achieve full-wave rectification. This circuit will give you 15 VDC at up to 3A. To […]