65W Notebook Laptop Power Adapter

Using TOP269EG off-line switcher IC, (U1), in a flyback configuration can be designed a very simple high efficiency notebok laptop power adapter.TOP269EG IC has an integrated 725 V MOSFET and a multi-mode controller. It regulates the output by adjusting the MOSFET duty cycle, based on the current fed into its CONTROL pin.This laptop power adapter […]

Miniature USB Powered Amplifier for Laptops

There’s been a strategy in market of buying USB powered speakers for laptops. These speakers usually drives power from one available USB port and inputs audio signal from headphone port, thus consuming two ports of a notebook. Lets see how much output these kind of speakers can give. A USB port delivers maximum 500mA current […]

Laptop Audio-Out Splitter Circuit Diagram

Why share a single earphone pair with your friend while watching a dVd on your laptop? This active splitter for laptop audio-out is powered from a USB and provides individual channel gain of 39 dB and individual volume control of a head-phone channel. The circuit uses two TDA2822M audio power amplifier ICs for head-phones/small speakers. […]

Laptop Audio Amplifier

Usually, the audio output from a laptop’s built-in speakers is low. A power amplifier is required to get a high volume. Here is a simple circuit to amplify the laptop’s audio output. The circuit is built around power amplifier IC LA 4440 (IC1) and a few other components. LA4440 is a dual channel audio power […]