Infra-Red Remote Tester

This little circuit is invaluable for quick go/no-go testing of just about any remote control transmitting infra-red (IR) light. The tester is battery-powered, built from just a handful of commonly available and inexpensive parts, and fits in a compact enclosure. Schmitt trigger gate IC1f is used as a quasi-analogue amplifier with, unusually, an infra-red emitting […]

High Radiant Intensity Infrared Emitters

High Radiant Intensity Infrared Emitters Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. broadened its optoelectronics portfolio with the release of two new 850 nm infrared (IR) emitters built on the company’s SurfLight surface emitter technology. Offered in the high-power Little Star® package with a 6.0 mm by 7.0 mm by 1.5 mm footprint, the VSMY7852X01 and VSMY7850X01 offer exceptionally […]

Infrared Sensor Analog Front End IC

Infrared Sensor Analog Front End IC The LMP91050 is a programmable integrated Sensor Analog Front End (AFE) optimized for thermopile sensors, as typically used in NDIR applications. It provides a complete signal path solution between a sensor and microcontroller that generates an output voltage proportional to the thermopile voltage. The LMP91050’s programmability enables it to […]

Fluke’s Five New Infrared Cameras

Fluke’s Five New Infrared Cameras Fluke Corporation introduces five new infrared cameras with a broad range of powerful yet easy-to-use capabilities: IR Optiflex™ Focus System for fast, easy to take, sharply focused, accurate images. IR-Fusion® Technology blends digital and infrared images into a single image to precisely document problem areas. One-handed operation at only 1.63 […]

Infrared Receivers for 3D Applications

Infrared Receivers for 3D Applications Addressing the high cost and lack of interoperability of active 3D glasses, Vishay Intertechnology, Inc. released two infrared receivers developed specifically to be compliant with the Consumer Electronics Association’s CEA – 2038 standard for IR synchronization of active eyewear used with 3DTV sets. The TSOP75D26 and TSOP35D26 are industry-first, surface-mount […]

Infra-red Receiver

This very simple infra-red receiver is intended to form an infra-red remote control system with the simple infra-red transmitter described in this site. The system does not use any kind of coding or decoding, but the carrier of the transmitter is modified in a simple manner to provide a constant switching signal. Since the receive […]

Simple infrared remote control extender

This ultra-simple remote control extender is ideal for use with a hidden video recorder. The recorder is a Panasonic NV-SD200 and is used as part of a camera surveillance system. A PICAXE-08-based circuit is used to detect events and control the recorder. It also flashes a LED near the monitor to indicate the number of […]

Simple Infrared Control Extender

Lots of consumer electronic equipment like TV sets, VCRs, CD and DVD players employs infrared remote control. In some cases, it is desirable to extend the range of the available control and this circuit fits the bill, receiving the IR signal from your remote control and re-transmitting it, for example, around a corner into another […]

Infrared Remote Control Jammer

This 555 timer circuit Remote control Jammer device it’s useful when we need to block someone to use the remote control (children that change frequently the channels at tv).This 555 timer circuit Remote control Jammer it’s very simple and it use two infrared Leds which continuously transmit with a frequency between 32 and 41 Khz […]

Infrared Proximity Detector Alarm

This circuit can be built from readily available low-cost components, some of which may even be hiding in your junkbox! The indicated value of 22 Ω for resistor R1 causes an average current of about 65 mA through infrared emitter D1. Because the IRED is pulsed at a duty factor of about 50% through the […]