1kH Synthetic Inductor

Inductors can be mimicked quite easily using operational amplifiers. The circuit shown here was developed to have an inductance of 1000 H (say, one thousand Henry) with good damping. Using this design you can build a resonant circuit with a center frequency of less than 1 Hz. The slow behavior allows you to use conventional […]

Ultra high-Q multilayer inductors

Ultra high-Q multilayer inductors TDK Corporation presents the new MHQ1005P series of multilayer ceramic inductors with a Q factor that, depending on the type, is as good or much better than comparable, but more expensive, wirewound inductors. The new multilayer ceramic components are thus suitable for use in low-loss RF matching circuits in devices such […]

Power Module with Integrated Inductor

Power Module with Integrated Inductor Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced a new 6-V, 6-A synchronous integrated power module with integrated inductor, which achieves an industry-best 750 watts per cubic inch and peak power efficiency up to 97 percent. The TPS84610 provides excellent thermal performance of 12 degrees C/W, which is 40-percent better than competing modules. The […]

Inductive Speed Sensor For Cars

Here’s a way to avoid winding the pickup coil for the inductive speed sensor used in projects such as the Speed Alarm, Gearshift Indicator, etc. All you need to do is carefully break open the plastic case of a small relay and cut away the armature mechanism, so that you are left with the relay […]