Programming The Propeller IC

Parallax, well known for its successful Basic Stamp IC, has recently introduced the Propeller: a new microcontroller with a certain difference. It packs no less than eight 32-bit processors (referred to as COGs in Propeller jargon) into a single package with only 40 pins. That design takes genuine simultaneous multiprocessing possible, and the sophisticated internal […]

Dual 24-bit ECG Front End IC

Dual 24-bit ECG Front End IC Texas Instruments Incorporated expanded its award-winning ADS1298 analog front end (AFE) family with five new fully integrated AFEs for portable biopotential measurement applications. The new electrocardiogram (ECG) and electroencephalograph (EEG) AFEs are the first to offer 16- and 24-bit resolution with 1 or 2 channels. The devices cut power […]

Automotive Gate Driver IC

Automotive Gate Driver IC Engineersin the automotive space are faced with the challenges of delivering inverter designs with increased efficiency, higher drive current and greater immunity to noise, especially in hybrid electric vehicles (HEV) and electric vehicles (EV). To help designers meet these challenges, Fairchild Semiconductor, a leading global supplier of high performance power and […]


UHF RFID Reader IC The AS3993 UHF reader chip is the first in the next generation of EPC Class 1 Gen2 RFID Reader ICs from austriamicrosystems. It has a completely new low power architecture, down to 2.7V with 65mA, enabling battery powered, small form factor handheld and embedded applications. The AS3993 now delivers high performance […]

Power over Ethernet IC for Surveillance Systems

Power over Ethernet IC for Surveillance Systems Silicon Laboratories Inc., a leader in high-performance, analog-intensive, mixed-signal ICs, today introduced a single-port Power over Ethernet (PoE) controller that brings economical “plug-and-play” simplicity to embedded power sourcing equipment (PSE) designs. The new Si3462 controller eases the development of PSE endpoints such as residential gateways, set-top boxes, fiber-optic […]

High Fidelity I2S Input Headset IC

High Fidelity I2S Input Headset IC The TLV320DAC3202 is a high fidelity and low power headphone amplifier with integrated DAC and power rails. The small solution size and highly efficient operation maximizes battery life and performance. The digital audio interface supports industry standard formats such as I2S and PCM. Many features of this device such […]

Tiny Antenna-Sharing IC Improves GPS

Tiny Antenna-Sharing IC Improves GPS STMicroelectronics, a global semiconductor leader serving customers across the spectrum of electronics applications, has revealed a highly miniaturized IC for 4G smartphones for even more attractively sized designs offering high GPS performance. By design, 4G smartphones will use multiple cellular connections to deliver mobile broadband services at speeds of more […]

Stereo Spatial Array IC

Stereo Spatial Array IC Texas Instruments Incorporated introduced an integrated circuit (IC) that converts a smartphone or tablet computer’s narrow soundstage into a much wider and exciting audio experience for consumers. The stereo spatial array IC and companion software tool enable mobile device designers to overcome the limited soundstage of closely spaced speakers by manipulating […]

600 V Three-Phase Gate Driver IC

600 V Three-Phase Gate Driver IC International Rectifier, a world leader in power management technology, today introduced the AUIRS2332J 600 V three-phase gate driver IC for automotive high-voltage motor drives for electric (EV) and hybrid electric vehicle (HEV) applications. The AUIRS2332J, high-voltage, high speed power MOSFET and IGBT driver features three independent high- and low-side […]

Power Line Communications IC

Power Line Communications IC The ADE8157 is a complete digital baseband processor IC that includes a physical layer (PHY), data link layer (DLL), and networking layer (NL). The ADE8157 includes a high performance receive path analog-to-digital converter (ADC) to reduce the external component count. An on-chip digital modulator creates the transmit signal for an external […]