Donkey Sound Generator Circuit

This is a Donkey sound generator project that easy to builds because use simple components include three IC-555 and LM386 and more little parts. Although at present we use Micro controller IC because small. But some times it is hard to find, so this circuit is suitable for everyone. How it works In Figure 1 […]

Easily create stereo sound 3D.

This is a create special stereo sound circuits. Which sound is a dimension to the listening. Using the some low frequency to appear out the left and right continuously. Interspersed with master frequency. By signal frequency is mono system passed through this circuit. The low signal frequency and Frequency prototype will take turns, out of […]

Audio generator is controlled by light

These circuits is used to control audio with light. In simple transduction And the change of light. To control the tone.,we is recommended that three circuits, each circuits consists of a simple device. Suitable for studying the performance of optical sensors is LDR. Tone Generator Control with light using IC 555 This the Tone Generator […]

The many DC to DC converters using IC-555

If friends would to want the DC to DC voltage converter is small that has a few output current. I would suggest the IC-555 is a key equipment that it is popular and easy to uses so can be used in many circuits. Doubler voltage 12vdc to 24vdc with NE555 This be Simple Doubler Voltage […]

High Power Pulse Generator using LM350T and NE555

This is a high power pulse generator circuit, Which have main components are IC555 as oscillator and LM350T provided high current up to 3A max. When you see in Simple Pulse Generator May will has a question or like to want the high current output. Which normall current of 200mA maximum only. Today we will […]

Simple 555 ICs tester circuit

Most IC-555 is used to generate frequency, and sometimes we need to know. Is it good or bad© But normal multimeter cannot check it. Thus, I make a simple 555 ICs tester circuit. Which is tested correctly and faster. How it works Resistors R1-R3 acts as limit current and reduce voltage to LED1-LED3. Which is […]

555 audio ohmmeter circuit

555 audio ohmmeter circuit This is a 555 audio ohmmeter circuit. Some times, we need to measure roughly the resistances only. In this we can know the resistances by the audio so also fast check. This circuit will use the resistors that unknown value to compare with many the reference resistors. In Figure 1 is […]

Idea to build simple frequency meter from old calculator

This circuit use a simple ideal is the calculator count a frequency within range 1 second. This time base is generated by IC-555,on astable multivibrator form. How it works The number on the calculator’s panel is the input frequency. to base of transistor Q2 . The capacitance of C1 should is lowest tolerance,to be accurate. […]

Cheap frequency meter by CA3130

The electronics are still used to use a frequency generator circuit beuause It is important. And are used a lot in electronic circuits, both sine, square wave and more. In every time related to the frequency. What that we want to know is how much frequency. For laboratory common standards. We have many tools available […]