Cheapskate’s Headset Adapter

Here’s a cheaper and easier method of making a telephone headset adapter. All that’s required is a cheap headset ($5 at Harvey Norman), a DPDT switch and a few connectors. Each transducer in the headset measures about 40O. There is also an inline volume control measuring about 500O per leg, across which each earphone is […]

Speaker-Headphone Switch For Computers

If you need to use a headset with your PC, then you will know how frustrating it is continuously swapping over speaker and microphone cables. This is even worse if the PC is parked in a dark corner and the hard-to-read writing on the sound card sockets is covered in dust. This simple switch box […]

Hybrid Headphone Amplifier Circuit

Potentially, headphone listening can be technically superior since room reflections are eliminated and the intimate contact between transducer and ear mean that only tiny amounts of power are required. The small power requirement means that transducers can be operated at a small fraction of their full excursion capabilities thus reducing THD and other non-linear distortions. […]

A Hiqh Quality Headphone Amplifier

Low distortion Class-B circuitry, 6V Battery Operated Some lovers of High Fidelity headphone listening prefer the use of battery powered headphone amplifiers, not only for portable units but also for home “table” applications. This design is intended to fulfill their needs. An improved output driving capability is gained by making this a push-pull Class-B arrangement. […]

Headphone Amplifier Using Discrete Components

An amplifier to drive low to medium impedance headphones built using discrete components. Both halves of the circuit are identical. Both inputs have a dc path to ground via the input 47k control which should be a dual log type potentiometer. The balance control is a single 47k linear potentiometer, which at center adjustment prevents […]

Circuit Diagram for Headphone Amplifier from RedCircuits

The following circuit diagram shows detail electrical schematic for high quality unit headphone amplifier. This circuit diagram consists of a log potentiometer, resistor, polyester capacitor, electrolytic capacitor, ceramic capacitor, low noise dual op-amp, NPN transistor and audio input socket. This headphone amplifier can be directly connected to CD players, tuners and tape recorders. Here is […]