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Your washing machine & tumble dryer on one wall outlet

Introduction This circuit enables you to connect both your washing machine and your tumble dryer on one wall outlet, without blowing the fuse! The trick is that the washing machine only consumes full power when heating the water. During the other stages (pumping, tumbling, centrifuging) the power consumption is much lower. The circuit switches off […]

Touch Switch By IC 4001 & 4020

Circuit Touch Switch By IC CD4001, CD4020 This be touch switch be simple again the circuit. It use integrated digital circuit is important equipment, and use volt power supply low just 9V. By use single metal, it works in the character turn ON and turn OFF. By when touch for the first time turn ON […]

Very simple IR detector that controls relay

The circuit of this Infrared(IR) detector circuit is a simple light relay which triggers when infrared light is applied to phototransistor Q1. This device can be used in control systems. When infrared light is OFF, Q1 transistor and relay K1 are normally closed. When IR diode is transmitting IR light phototransistor Q1 opens and thus […]

Intermittent wiper controller

The intermittent wiper circuit shown above causes the auto’s windshield wipers to wipe once every several seconds instead of constantly wiping. The circuit may be added to older cars to provide the intermittent function or it may be used to replace broken wiper circuits in modern cars. Read more original source: http://www.techlib.com/files/wiperkik.pdf

Sound Operated Switch by BC109

Notes: This sensitive sound operated switch can be used with a dynamic microphone insert as above, or be used with an electret (ECM) microphone. If an ECM is used then R1 (shown dotted) will need to be included. A suitable value would be between 2.2k and 10kohms. The two BC109C transitors form an audio preamp, […]

Electronic Doorbell & Counter by 4026

Circuit : Andy Collinson Email: anc@mitedu.freeserve.co.uk Description: This circuit uses a synthesized sound chip from Holtek, the HT-2811. This reproduces the sound of a “ding-dong” chiming doorbell. Additionally, the circuit includes a CMOS 4026 counter display driver IC to count your visitors. Source :http://www.mitedu.freeserve.co.uk /Circuits/Switching/dbcounter.htm Thank you.

4 Channel Stereo Audio Selector by KA2281

The add-on circuit presented here is useful for stereo systems. This circuit has provision for connecting stereo outputs from four different sources/channels as inputs and only one of them is selected/connected to the output at any one time. When power supply is turned channel A (AR and AL) is selected. If no audio is present […]

Room Noise Detector by LM358

One LED monitors three levels: 50, 70 & 85 dB Useful to detect too noisy environments This circuit is intended to signal, through a flashing LED, the exceeding of a fixed threshold in room noise, chosen from three fixed levels, namely 50, 70 & 85 dB. Two Op-amps provide the necessary circuit gain for sounds […]

Water Level Alarm by 4011

A circuit that offers visual indication of fluid level in a vessel, with a switchable audible alarm. Example uses would be to monitor the level of water in a bath or cold storage tank. This circuit will trigger with any fluid with a resistance under 900K between the maximum separation distance of the probes. Let […]